Eurydice Publication “Teaching Careers in Europe: Access, Progression and Support”

The role of teachers is becoming increasingly important as Europe addresses its educational, social and economic challenges. Higher expectations in terms of student outcomes and greater pressures due to a more diverse student population combined with rapid technological innovation are having a profound impact on the teaching profession. 

The Eurydice Teaching Careers in Europe: Access, Progression and Support report contributes to the body of evidence that can guide policy-making in providing effective support for teachers, enhance their professionalism and raise their status. The report illustrates the main challenges at national level in teacher supply and demand and the ways education systems address them through forward planning. It explores the requirements to become a teacher, recruitment and employment conditions, as well as prospects for profes sional development and support. It sets out career development opportunities for te achers, both in terms of hierarchical progression and diversification of tasks, as well as the situation concerning the definition and use of teacher competence frameworks. 


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