Participation in the #OEB22 Conference and presentations on digital transformations in education during war against Ukraine (23-25.11.2022, Berlin)

On 24 November 2022, representative of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine joined the #OEB22 Conference session “Ukraine: Digital Transformation of Education during the War” organized by OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH to highlight situation in Ukraine. More than 40 participants joined the session, as well as presentations were disseminated among over 2 500 conference participants.

Online Educa Berlin (OEB) is the annual global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training. The event has a unique focus, bringing you to the forefront of developments in learning technology. The event has a unique, cross-sector focus, fostering exchange between the corporate, education and public service sectors. Now in its 28th year, OEB includes participants from multinational companies to SMEs, from higher education and research institutions to schools, from ministries to local authorities and from global IGOs to local NGOs.

During the session on the situation in Ukraine , Olha BERSHADSKA , Consultant on Digital and Blended Learning of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, provided presentation “Implementation of distance learning in higher education institutions of Ukraine” covering the issues and challenges of Ukrainian education during full-scale invasion.

Presentation by Olga BERSHADSKA (English language ).

Svitlana SHYTIKOVA, NEO – Ukraine Coordinator, during presentation “How education continued in Ukraine despite the war” emphasised successful practices from the Erasmus+ project teams. Particularly, speaker presented the experience of regional and international distance cooperation to achieve the goals of projects aimed to rebuild the country after the war.

Presentation of Svitlana SHYTIKOVA Erasmus+ (English language).

At the end of the speech, speaker drew attention to challenges and needs of Ukrainian HEIs and discussed terms of cooperation.

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