Корисно для потенційних учасників та виконавців проектів Жана Моне – конференція в Брюсселі вже он-лайн

The Jean Monnet biennial Conference (BiCo) is  organised in November 2017 back to back with a kick-off meeting of new beneficiaries of Jean Monnet Activities (co-organised by EACEA). The 2017 year’s edition of the JM conference is devoted to the current major political turning point in EU history and its consequences for the future of the European integration.

This theme has been very high on the agenda of political and academic debates recently and is about to gain even more relevance in the light of the Commission’s White Paper, the speech on the state of the union by president Juncker and also major political developments in EU member states in the course of 2017. This year’s conference objective is to allow debate on important EU-policy issues but also to disseminate information on more technical issues for the new grant holders.
All Jean Monnet enthusiasts are welcome to join event useful for both – potential and current beneficiaries on-line: https://ec.europa.eu/education/events/2017-jean-monnet-bico_en#streaming

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