Запрошуємо приєднатись до опитування від Асоціації університетів Європи (EUA)

The survey to universities aims to explore universities’ strategies and approaches towards equity, diversity and inclusion. It is part of the INVITED Project jointly conducted by the European University Association (EUA) and the European Universities’ Continuing Education Network (EUCEN) with support from the European Students’ Union (ESU) (2018-2020). The survey is addressed to university leaders, managers and staff working on the topic at higher education institutions across Europe. It is open for responses until 15 February 2019

*Please note that the organisers can accept only one response per institution. In case you need to collect information from various parts of the institution to answer the questions, you may download a pdf version of the survey from the project webpage for a better overview. Responses however, have to be submitted via the online form only.

Your response will be treated confidentially, only be processed by staff of the INVITED project consortium partners and solely be used for the purpose of the INVITED project. Further details on data protection, can be found at the end of the survey.

Should you have any further question on the survey or the project, please contact us at policy@eua.eu or look at the project webpage: https://www.eua.eu/101-projects/737-invited.html 

Many thanks in advance for your responses which are extremely valuable!


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